Wakaf and Infaq

Wakaf / Infaq projects are offered year-round starting from Ramadan 1436H. Similar to the recipient of our aqiqah meat, we are targeting orphanage house, pesantren/madrasah and Muslim villagers in rural areas under category of yatim/orphan, fakir/miskin/poor and people who is out fisabilillah like students in madrasah/wayfarer etc.

Proof of distribution whichever applicable will be sent directly to the person who make the wakaf or infaq. Normally we will upload the distribution photos to our cloud storage and the link will be sent via email to the participants.

Picture of Infaq of 25kg of Rice  (Indonesia)


Infaq of 25kg of Rice (Indone...

Infaq of 25kg of Rice is made in Indonesia.

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Picture of Wakaf of Al Quran (Indonesia)


Wakaf of Al Quran (Indonesia)

Wakaf of Al Qur'an Package consists of 8 books of Al Qur'an to be given as wakaf in Indone...

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