Promo Wakaf Quran

The promo FREE wakaf 1 book of Quran for livestock purchased for aqiqah or nazar or sedaqa performed in Indonesia for a limited period of time. To avoid any confusion, korban order is excluded from this promotion. Ordering has to be done online from our website. Each sheep/goat is entitled for 1 book of Quran given as wakaf under the participant name as per online order form. For nazar or sadaqa, if the names are more than 2 names, please specify maximum 2 names to be displayed on the Quran for wakaf. 

The wakaf will be distributed in 1-4 week after we received the order. We need sometime to collate the books to match with the number of recipients. The Quran normally would be distributed to villages madrasah or pesantren for memorization programme (tahfidz programme) and villages quranic learning center. Inshaa Allah we will ensure each book is given to each child for their use.

We will provide each participant with the distribution photos of the wakaf which would be uploaded in the same folder as the photos for their rites. Please note of the extended time required for the distribution of the wakaf which is not the same as the timeline for the photos of the rites.

NOTE: Please expect some delay in our wakaf distribution due to covid-19 outbreak. We are unable to complete the distribution of the wakaf in our stipulated timeline above. We will only start the distribution once the school and madrasah have been re-opened by the Indonesia government. Since our dropbox link is valid up to 1 year after the aqiqah/nazar/sadaqa schedule, you may start checking for update in the same dropbox at least 3 weeks after school has been reopened.