Pra-Ramadhan Infaq (Indonesia)

Picture of Pra-Ramadhan Infaq (Indonesia)
This is Pra-Ramadhan infaq for underprivileged Muslim families at the outskirts of Semarang, Indonesia.


This Pra-Ramadhan infaq of basic necessities will be distributed to underprivileged Muslim families in the outskirts of Semarang, Indonesia. 

The package consists of:

1. Sarong/sarung: 1 pc

2. Rice: 5kgs

3. Sugar: 1kg

4. Tea: 50 sachets/tea bags

5. Coffee powder: 380gr

6. Soybean sauce: 500ml

7. Dates (khalas/khenaizi/sukkary): 1kg

8. Salted eggs: 10pcs

9. Cooking oil: 2 litres

This package can last up to 10 days for one small family approximately. 

The distribution will be performed closer to Ramadan, tentatively from the 9th until the 11th March 2023.

We will open the infaq registration until Thursday 7 March 2024. 

The name of the participants will be pasted on each and every box of the Pra-Ramadhan infaq. We will take the distribution photos and we will send the photos to each participant.  

*Photos shown are for illustration only. The brands of the products may be different from those in the photos.