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Nazar/Sadaqa (Indonesia)

We are also providing services for intentions other than aqiqah, like nazar, sedekah/sadaqa dan payment of dam.

Regarding Nazar (also written as nadhr), it is making a vow in the name of Allah. As an illustration, a person may make a vow of this type “O Allah, if you alleviate such and such a person from their sickness, I promise to sacrifice one sheep/goat etc”, then the person who makes a vow is obliged to fulfill the sacrifice if the person is healed. In this case, it is wajib to give away all the uncooked meat.

We are offering two type of livestock for nazar/sadaqa/payment of dam, i.e. goat/sheep and cow. 

We are offering 1 book of Al Quran for WAKAF in Indonesia for each livestock purchased. The Quran would be given to madrasah students, quranic learning centers or pesantren in rural areas at Semarang and neighboring towns in Indonesia. We will send you an update once the distribution photos have been uploaded to the same folder as the aqiqah photos.

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Picture of Cooked - Nazar/Sadaqa Sheep/Goat (Indonesia)

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Cooked - Nazar/Sadaqa Sheep/Go...

Nazar/Sadaqa/Dam Sheep/Goat (Indonesia) is performed in Indonesia. The cooked meat will be...

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Picture of Raw - Nazar/Sadaqa Sheep/Goat (Indonesia)

From $160.00

Raw - Nazar/Sadaqa Sheep/Goat ...

Nazar/Sadaqa Sheep/Goat (Indonesia) is performed in Indonesia. The meat will be distribute...

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Picture of Sadaqa/Nazar Cow/Lembu Package (Indonesia)


Sadaqa/Nazar Cow/Lembu Package...

Nazar/Sadaqa Cow/Lembu Package is performed in Indonesia. The meat will be distributed to ...

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