Countdown to Korban 2024 / 1445H

Nazar Sheep (Australia) - Fortnightly

Picture of Nazar Sheep (Australia) - Fortnightly
Slaughtering will take place in Australia. The carcass is imported to Singapore for further butchering into smaller parts.


Please select portion of meat to be collected or delivered.


Issuance of e-certificate for korban/aqiqah in Australia is by request only. During korban period, issuance of e-cert may take up to 1-2 months after korban rites completed.

Nazar Sheep in Australia fortnightly is performed in a cycle of 2-3 weeks period. 

Slaughtering and skinning of the sheep take place in Australia. The carcass will be packed into individual packaging with number that corresponds to the participant's name on our list.

The carcass is then imported into Singapore for further butchering into smaller parts. One kilogram consists of 6-8 cuts of meat/bones. 

The timeline for aqiqah/nazar in Australia that is performed on 2-weekly basis is as follows. 

1. Orders received will be collated to the closest Tuesday.

2. We will then forward the aqiqah/nazar participants’ list to our representative in Australia for slaughtering on the following week.

3. The slaughtering will take place on Wednesday/Thursday and the meat would be ready for delivery either on Friday or Saturday on the same week as the slaughtering week.

The price includes delivery.

If you intend to give as sadaqa, please select None (all given away as sadaqa) under Meat Collections.

If you have any specific recipient for the meat, please specify the name and address under Remarks during Checkout.

There will be no photo or video provided for all aqiqah and korban performed in Australia as it is not allowed by the abattoir.

Regarding Nazar (also written as nadhr), it is making a vow in the name of Allah. As an illustration, a person may make a vow of this type “O Allah, if you alleviate such and such a person from their sickness, I promise to sacrifice one sheep/goat etc”, then the person who make a vow is obliged to fulfil the sacrifice if the person is healed.  In this case, it is wajib to give away all the cooked/uncooked meat.

Note:* Picture shown is for illustration purposes only. It does not represent the actual color or size of the animal.


Meat is flown to Singapore Yes
Animal parts discarded Head, legs, intestines and offals
Meat preservation method Chilled
Weight of carcass (meat and bone in average) 13 - 20Kgs