Korban Rites 2016/1437H at Ambarawa - Semarang, Indonesia.

Brief reports on our korban operations. On Aidil Adha day, Monday 12/09, we performed korban 9 cows and 30 sheep/goats with 9 aqiqahs/nazar that requested to be performed on that day. In the subsequent 2 days, we slaughtered the remaining sheep/goats for korban.

The korban meat was distributed to new locations/areas from our last year korban operations. This year, the furthest location that received the korban meat is approximately 5-6 hours drive from the slaughtering location. We did forward some meat to two madrasahs that is located approximately 1.5-2 hours drive from our kandang. The teachers are then cut the meat and cooked and feed the children with it.

We also distributed our korban meat to minority muslims community which was an area for some missionary works before. Most of our korban meat recipients are people from rural and poor muslim populated villages. As such, these villages normally did not have any korban at all. In overall, the distribution of the korban meat covers more than 30 different villages with more than 3000 households whom received it. A simple coupon system was used like before and issued one coupon for 1 family/household. One plastic bag of the korban meat comprises of meat, bones and (washed) intentines weighing in average 1kg.

All parts of the meat including head, legs and internal organs were distributed. The skins were sold and the funds raised (with your permission) inshaa Allah will be given as wakaf to the building of a masjid in Sesel Village, one of the recipient of the korban meat and located approximately 45 mins drive from our slaughtering location. The mosque was rebuilt from previously a small mushalla. It has completed approximately 85%-90% and still requires additional funds for finishing. Currently the mosque is functional, with ongoing works here and there. Update of the proceeds would be provided in our subsequent email update.

May Allah SWT accept our korban and all other goods deeds. Amiin. Some of our korban activities photos can be seen from our Facebook page link below.


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