Countdown to Korban 2019 / 1440H

Korban/Qurban Whole Cow/Lembu 2019 (Indonesia) - Early Bird

Picture of Korban/Qurban Whole Cow/Lembu 2019 (Indonesia) - Early Bird
Korban Cow/Lembu Package is performed in Indonesia. The meat will be distributed to the poor and needy in the locality. No meat will be flown to Singapore.


Korban e-certificate will be uploaded to our cloud storage and the link will be sent via email.

Korban Cow/Lembu Package will be slaughtered on Eidul Adha or tasyrik days (3 days after). Please refer to Product Specifications for more details. 

Cow/Lembu can be devided and intended for up to 7 individuals / 7 names (lesser name is allowed). You may fill up the participant names during checkout. 

Last date for registration: Thursday, 8 August 2019

Each participant will receive korban photos, overall korban video and a link to our korban live event on Youtube. We will pre-create the links for the korban photos and live event and send them together with our update on the date of korban.  Meanwhile, for overall korban video, the link will be sent to each korban participant in 1-2 months after completion of korban rites.

This year, inshaa Allah will be our 4th year broadcasting the slaughtering process LIVE from Ambarawa, Semarang.

Please check our Youtube Channel to view our past korban videos:

Note:* Picture shown is for illustration purpose only. It does not represent the actual color or size of the animal.

Meat is flown to Singapore No
Nett weight of meat (exclude bones, internal organs etc) 70kg - 80kg (in average)
Weight of live animal 170kg - 190kg
One animal can be shared by Up to 7 names / persons