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Korban 2022 (Indonesia)

This year inshaa Allah Eidul Adha will fall on Saturday, 9 July 2022. Registration for korban in Indonesia will be opened until Wednesday, 6 July 2022. 

Korban/Qurban in Indonesia this year is performed in Ambarawa, Central Java, and Bojonegoro, East Java. We are offering a single price for all goat/sheep of similar size. We are also offering cow/lembu for korban which can be shared by 7 persons/names.

All korban meat will be distributed to needy/poor Muslim villagers, Muslims who live as a minority and Muslim non-profit organizations that are taking care of the poor/needy.

Inshaa Allah for korban in Indonesia, the slaughtering would be broadcasted live on our Youtube channel. The link to the live event would be provided a few days before Eidul Adha.  

Visit our official Youtube Channel:

*Price may change anytime without further notice.

Picture of Korban/Qurban Whole Cow/Lembu 2022 (Indonesia) - Early Bird


Korban/Qurban Whole Cow/Lembu ...

Korban Cow/Lembu Package is performed in Indonesia. The meat will be distributed to the po...

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Picture of Korban/Qurban Sheep/Goat 2022 (Indonesia) - Early Bird

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Korban/Qurban Sheep/Goat 2022 ...

Korban Sheep/Goat (Indonesia) is performed in Indonesia. The meat will be distributed to t...

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