Infaq of 25kg of Rice (Indonesia)

Picture of Infaq of 25kg of Rice  (Indonesia)
Infaq of 25kg of Rice is made in Indonesia.


Infaq of 25kg of Rice is performed in Indonesia. This project is offered year round. We are targering orphanage houses, fakir or miskin muslim family in villages/rural areas and madrasah. Small to medium size orphanage house with approximately 30-40 children normally consume 250kg or rice per month. Its main finance sources is from donors. This infaq will be very beneficial for this types of recipient.

The name of the person who make the infaq will be informed to the recipent. Recipient will issue a receipt of the infaq under the participant's name in which the scan copy will be sent to participant's email address. You may enter participant's name for the infaq during checkout.

* Photos shown for illustration only. Normally rice given as wakaf is chosen from Pandan Wangi type or other type which of similar quality.