Ramadan Iftar Meals (Indonesia)

Picture of Ramadan Iftar Meals (Indonesia)
Iftar meals will be distributed for students in pesantren in Indonesia during Ramadan.


The meals for iftar consist of:

1. Rice

2. Fried chicken

3. Vegetable

4. Side dish

5. Cracker

6. Banana

7. Mineral water

The meals will be distributed on 4 (four) Thursdays during the month of Ramadhan, i.e. 14/03, 21/03, 28/03, and tentatively on 04/04.

The name of the person who makes the infaq of meals will be printed on a banner. We may take photos of the distribution process and will upload the photos to our cloud storage for customers' updates and references. 

*Photos shown are for illustration only. Boxes and packaging may be different from the ones shown in the picture.