ABOUT AQIQAH - Definition & Ruling

1. What is aqiqah?

In Islamic terminology, is defined as sacrifice of an animal on the occasion of a child's birth.

2. Why do we have to do aqiqah?

The performance of Aqiqah is highly encouraged. It is to be performed by the parents or the guardians of the child to show gratitude to Allah for the gift of a child. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his companions used to perform Aqiqah when they were bestowed with a newborn.

3. What is the ruling/hukum for aqiqah?

Aqiqah is a sunnah muakkadah, strongly encouraged.

4. How many animal should we sacrifice for aqiqah?

According to sunnah, for baby boy is 2 goats/sheep and for baby girl is 1 goat/sheep.

5. What is the best day to perform aqiqah?

The best time to perform Aqiqah as per sunnah guideline is on the 7th day after the birth of the baby or otherwise 14th or 21st day.


ABOUT AQIQAH - Schedule, Registration & Deliverable

1. After I completed the order, when will you schedule for my aqiqah?

For Aqiqah in Semarang, normally we will schedule the aqiqah in 1 week time or less or if your child is recently born you may request for specific date as per sunnah guideline. Please specify the aqiqah date under Remarks column during checkout. However, at times we we may schedule the aqiqah within 2-weeks from the completion of payment especially when close to Aidil Adha/korban rites.

For Aqiqah in Australia, we are offering aqiqah on two weekly basis. Aqiqah orders would be collated on every Tuesday and we will schedule for the slaughtering on the following week. You cannot specify specific date for the aqiqah. The chilled meat will be airflown and normally ready for delivery on either Friday/Saturday in the same week as the slaughtering week. 

2. When will I receive the aqiqah photos for aqiqah performed in Indonesia?

The link to your aqiqah photos would be sent together with our manual confirmation reply that will be sent after we received your complete order. The link is pre-created to speed up the updating process. Normally your aqiqah photos would be uploaded in 1-2 days after your aqiqah completed. We will send our final update via email once we uploaded your aqiqah e-certificate (if applicable) in the same folder as the aqiqah photos.  

3. What will I get if I performed my aqiqah with your company?

For Aqiqah in Indonesia, as part of our services, we will be providing every participant a set of aqiqah photos (more or less 30 photos) and an aqiqah certificate cum aqiqah report that show the process of aqiqah from the selectipon of animal, slaughtering up till distribution.

The photos will be sent as a link to our cloud storage and you may download for keep sake. We are issuing aqiqah certificate latest by the end of the month after we collate all aqiqah orders for that particular month. This is to ensure that every participant will get the certificate/report when we do our monthly recapitulation. We seek your kind cooperation and understanding in this matter.

4. Can I change my mind and cancel my order?

You may cancel the order as long as we have not slaughtered the animal. We will charge a one-time admin fee of $15 per transaction for canceled order. We will refund the balance within 14-21 days after cancelation.

5. How do I cancel my order?

You may email/call us to inform about your cancellation with the order number as reference or you may login into the system and Cancel Order(s) under My Account - Orders. System will automatically notify us of your cancelation.

6. What will you do with the meat of the aqiqah animal?

For Aqiqah in Semarang, we will cook the meat into wet and dry menu and distributed this to the needy and poor in the locality. They maybe in the form or orphanage houses, villages madrasah (pondok pesantren), poor villages and other muslim non-profit organization who is helping the needy.

For Aqiqah in Australia, you may collect a portion of the meat or full portion of the meat for your own aqiqah ceremony in Singapore. We will cut the meat into pieces to help you in the cooking process.

7. Can you send the meat to from aqiqah/korban perform in Indonesia into Singapore like what you did for aqiqah/korban rites in Australia?

For Aqiqah in Semarang we cannot export the korban meat due to AVA regulations. We will only import the meat for aqiqah and korban that is performed in Australia.


ABOUT AQIQAH - Technicalities

1. If I have completed aqiqah for my son with 1 goat/sheep, can I add 1 more goat/sheep later?

Yes, you may do such arrangement. According to sunnah, aqiqah for baby boy is 2 goats/sheep and this practice is preferred.

2. What is the other sunnah to be performed on the 7th day after the birth of a baby other than aqiqah?

It is sunnah to shave the baby's hair and give a name on the 7th day.

3. If I have missed the sunnah date (7th, 14th or 21st day after the birth of the baby) can I still do aqiqah?

You may performed aqiqah anytime after the sunnah date. Acording to hadith reference, the best is to performed aqiqah prior to baleegh (reached puberty). However, if the child has become baleegh (reached puberty) or has become an adult, the parent is still liable to perform aqiqah for the child.

4. If my parent cannot afford to perform aqiqah for me, can I perform aqiqah for my self after I have become an adult and working?

You may performed aqiqah for your self in such case. You may still perform aqiqah for yourself even after your parents have passed away.

5. Do we have to perform aqiqah every year?

Aqiqah is perfomed once in a lifetime.

6. My due date is coming soon. When is the best time to order aqiqah for my newborn?

You may actually order aqiqah anytime. You may order in advance or you may also order after the baby has been delivered. Our maximum response time is D-1, meaning inshaa Allah we can still schedule the aqiqah on the following day if you can complete the order by today. We are prioritizing aqiqah for newborn which is performed on its sunnah date (7th, 14th or 21st day after birth). You may write down your instruction pertaining aqiqah date or other related info under Remarks during Checkout. We will inshaa Allah follow up accordingly.


ABOUT QURBAN - Definition & Ruling

1. What is Korban/Qurban?

Korban/Qurban is a rites where animal is slaughtered on Eidul Adha (10 Zulhijjah) and on the Tasyrik days (3 days after - 11, 12, 13 Zulhijjah). Outside this period, the performance of Korban will be considered a normal cheritable act/sadaqa.

2. What is position of Korban/Qurban in Islam?

Korban/Qurban is an ibadah (act of worship) that is sunnah muakkadah (highly encouraged). Allah Almighty says in the Quran, surah Al-Haj, verse 37, that the peity (taqwa) of an individual Muslim who performs the Korban with genuine sincerity of doing it just for the sake of Allah, will reach Him.

3. Who should perform Korban/Qurban?

Korban/Qurban is to be perfomed by individual who has become baleegh (reached puberty).

4. How many animal should we sacrifice for Korban/Qurban?

One individual can perform Korban/Qurban with 1 goat/sheep. For a cow, 7 individual/name is allowed to share together.

5. This ibadah Korban/Qurban, do we have to do every year or only once in a lifetime?

Korban/Qurban can be performed every year to get the reward from Allah SWT.


ABOUT QURBAN - Registration, Schedule & Deliverable

1. When do you normally open registration for korban rites?

For korban rites in Indonesia, normally we will open registration sometime during ramadhan month. However, based on our experience, we may start opening registration as early as March on that year (approximately 2 months before ramadhan). Meanwhile for korban in Australia, we normally will open registration for korban right after ramadan month. 

2. When will we receive schedule for the korban rites in Indonesia since the korban is performed on Eidul Adha and tasyrik days?

We will provide update on schedule for korban rites approximately 2-3 days before Eidul Adha. We will send the update via email to all korban participants. Sometime our email update may go to spam/junk folder. Therefore, please check your spam/junk folder if you have not received any update one or two days before Eidul Adha. 

3. What are the deliverables for korban rites participants in Indonesia?

We will provide a set of korban photos to each korban participant which will be sent via email as a link to our cloud storage. These korban photos will show the slaughtering process of your korban animal. We will also provide a generic photos for the skinning, butchering and distribution process of the korban animal.

We will also provide a generic video on overall korban activities. Please note that we will not be able to show the slaughtering for each and every korban participants. Similar to the photos, these video will be sent as a link to our cloud storage. You may download to your PC/computer for keepsake.

Starting from year 2016, we are live broadcasting the slaughtering of each korban animal for all korban participants and this brodcast will be aired in youtube. Inshaa Allah we will send the link to our youtube channel few days before Eidul Adha. 

For certificate, based on your selection during ordering, we will issue e-cert for korban participants who opted for the korban certificate via email.



1. Where is the Aqiqah performed?

Currently we are offering aqiqah in Semarang, Indonesia and in Australia. We may explore other location in the future.

2. What is the payment mode?

We have 3 types of payment mode:

1. Bank Transfer

Please transfer your payement to the following account and email us the payment details for our record:

  • Bank Name: DBS Bank
  • Bank Code: 7171
  • Branch Code: 002
  • Account Type: Savings Plus
  • Account Number: 002-2-062534
  • Payee Name: Aqiqah Singapore

2. Cheque

Cheque should be crossed and payable to Elharis International Pte Ltd

Please write your child's name/order number in the back of the cheque for our record. You may mail your cheque to our office address which is shown in Contact Us page. Aqiqah will be processed upon clearance of cheque payment.

3. Credit/Debit Card (Visa/MasterCard/American Express)

Payment by credit/debit card is handled by Paypal Singapore. You will be redirected to Paypal page to complete the payment. If you already have Paypal account, you may login to Paypal and complete the payment. You are not required to register with Paypal in order to pay by credit/debit card.

3. Is there any charge if I pay by credit card?

There is no additional charge for credit/debit card payment via Paypal.

4. How much is the cost per animal for aqiqah?

Please check our product range for details of animal price for Aqiqah. The price is different due to animal size and location of Aqiqah. However, all animal has fulfilled the requirements for aqiqah according to shariah.

5. I am not from Singapore, but I want to do aqiqah/qurban/nazar for my self/child/children with your company. How should I proceed?

You may register your aqiqah/korban/nazar in this website. As our standard service, we will upload aqiqah/korban/nazar photos in our cloud storage and send the download link via email. We may or may not issue e-certificate depending on the package of aqiqah/korban/nazar that you have selected.