Terms and Conditions

Statement of representation to perform the aqiqah/korban/nazar/wakaf/infaq rites

By confirming order in our website, you are hereby agree to appoint and its team to perform aqiqah/korban/nazar/wakaf/infaq rites on your behalf for the name(s) provided because of Allah swt. Specifications of the animal slaughtered for the above intent are according to the one speficied under each product details.

Ordering and Payment

Aqiqah/Korban/Nazar order is deemed confirmed after payment is made/completed. You have maximum 7-days or earlier before animal is slaughtered to edit the orders after the payment is made or otherwise the order is deemed as confirmed. You may cancel your orders via our website (under My Account) or by informing us by phone or email. Once the animal is slaughtered, the aqiqah/korban/nazar is deemed as completed and we will not refund your payment.

Schedule of aqiqah/nazar will be sent via email. Normally we will schedule the aqiqah/nazar within 1 week or less from the time the order completed. In some cases we may schedule the aqiqah/nazar within 2 weeks from the completion of order usually in time close to Eidul Adha.

Cancelation and Refund

Should you change your mind and cancel the order, we will refund the payment after deducting an admin fee of $15 per transaction. We will refund in 14-21 days after the cancellation is made. Refund for payment by credit/debit card via Paypal will be made via Paypal directly. Whereas, for payment by bank transfer, we will refund via interbank transfer accordingly.