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This is the masjid that was built on the sales of korban animals skin for korban 2016. Inshaa Allah, the sales of korban animals skin for this year 2017 will also be used to complete the balanmce works for this masjid. May Allah swt accept our good intentions. Aamiin.


As a continuation to our previous blog post on the aqiqah process, we would like to also share the common food that we cooked for your aqiqah. Please see below our short video documentation of the cooking process. Happy watching :).


Few days ago we had an opportunity to have a recce to a new location for our aqiqah and korban 2014 in Ambarawa, a small town outskirt of Semarang. Ambarawa is located approximately 35km to the south of Semarang City and can be reached by car in approximately 1-1.5hrs drive. It is located in a mountainous area with a beautiful lake (or local people consider it as swamp) by the name of Rawa Pening at the leg of the mountain. 

The road to the top of mountain

We managed to take some picture for your viewing pleasure. The locals are mostly working in a field in the mountain. The terrain is hard to our standard and even motorbike might have some problem maneuvering is the small mountainous road – definitely not advisable for rookie :).

Kampong photos from one of the hill

Zoom in photo of the Kampong in the valley 

Another Kampong in the valley seen from the top

Another Kampong in the valley zoomed in from the top

The locals are really “hard workers” – in a real meaning. Many of the people do not have transportation means. They walk to their place of work and it may be an hour or two from their home. They may bring some vegetable harvested from their field to be sold in the market and the money from these vegetable sales in most cases too small to even take “ojeg” (motorbike taxi) back home. Hence, they will walk up home for another one or two hour on their return. 

We often see ladies carrying a big bundle of grass for their home to feed the goats or sheep which is normally kept in the back of their house. It is a common practice here that the household will breed few goats/sheep in their backyard. Many of them actually do not own the animal. The animal may be belong to many owners and when the animal procreate they will get some share of the baby sheep/goat when they grow older. 

Ladies with grass and wood on their back

This inshaa Allah will be our Indonesia Korban project location for 2014. There are many people who rightfully and readily to receive the korban meat. According to our local guide, many of these people only eat meat once a year. Not sure how true is this, but you can see yourself the condition of some of their houses...

Interior of one of the resident of the Kampong in the valley

Interior of one of the resident of the Kampong in the valley

Small barn at the back of the house for the sheep/goats

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