This is the masjid that was built on the sales of korban animals skin for korban 2016. Inshaa Allah, the sales of korban animals skin for this year 2017 will also be used to complete the balanmce works for this masjid. May Allah swt accept our good intentions. Aamiin.


Alhamdulillah, all praise is due to Allah SWT who has bestowed us with imaan and Islam. We would like to also express our gratitude to Allah SWT who has made all of our aqiqah and korban rites which we have performed so far went out smoothly without any significant drawbacks or problems. We are also thankful to all our aqiqah and korban participants who have entrusted us with the performance of these ibadah till today. 

As part of our continuous effort to improve our services, this year 2016 would be our first trial year to stream the korban event live from our slaughtering location in Semarang, Indonesia. This initiative was actually our solution to some of the so called limitation in our korban documentation that was provided as a feedback from our customers in the past events.

In every korban rites event, we have been providing korban photos and a generic korban video to all korban participants. However, due to limitation of the video length and size, we were unable to show the videoshoot of the sheep/goat slaughtering process of all korban participants. This year, inshaa Allah we are preparing to stream the entire slaughtering process live from our kandang/holding pen.

The link to the livestream event will be sent via email in due time. Currently, we are performing tests and trials until korban rites which inshaa Allah will be performed on 12-15 September 2016. With these rigorous tests, we hope the actual event will go smoothly. We also seek your kind understanding that since this is our first time, we may expect to have some glitches or problems that may be unforeseeable due to our lack of experience. May Allah SWT make everything easy. Aamiin.

As a continuation to our previous blog post on the aqiqah process, we would like to also share the common food that we cooked for your aqiqah. Please see below our short video documentation of the cooking process. Happy watching :).