Countdown to Korban 2024 / 1445H

Our Deliverables

Aqiqah/Nazar/Sadaqa/Korban Photos and Certificate

As part of our services, we will provide aqiqah/nazar in Indonesia participants with Certificate of Aqiqah/Nazar/Sadaqa (Sijil Aqiqah/Nazar/Sadaqa). The certificate will be given in softcopy as e-cert in order to ensure the certificate is received in time and in good order. 

A sample of the certificate and report for aqiqah/nazar/sadaqa in Indonesia are shown below. 


Sample Aqiqah Certificate

Sample Aqiqah Report


In addition to the certificate and report, the aqiqah/korban/nazar participants will also receive a set of more or less 30+ photos of the ritual process starting from animal selection, and slaughtering until distribution. We will send the photos as a link to our cloud storage.


Add-On (Optional) Video Documentation Service

As part of our effort to provide a more transparent approach on the process of our aqiqah/nazar/sadaqa in Indonesia, we are offering an optional video taking service of the aqiqah process for your documentation.

The video is chargeable at $20 per child and can be selected during Checkout. The video is 5-7 minutes long, taken from livestock selection then followed by slaughtering, skinning up till distribution. The video is rendered in Full HD 1080p quality and saved in .mp4 format which is playable in most of today's smartphones or PC/Laptop. The video normally would be ready 1 week after the aqiqah/nazar/sadaqa has been completed.


Al Quran for wakaf for Aqiqah/Nazar/Sadaqa Participants

We are complementing the aqiqah, nazar and sadaqa order with 1 book of Al Quran to be given as wakaf for each livestock purchased. The wakaf would be given under the participant's name and distributed in Quranic Learning Centers, Pesantren or Madrasah in Indonesia. 

The photos of the distribution process of the wakaf would be uploaded in the same folder as the aqiqah photos and e-cert.