Aqiqah Premium (Raw Meat - Indonesia)

Picture of Aqiqah Premium (Raw Meat - Indonesia)
Aqiqah Premium Raw-Meat (Indonesia) is performed in Indonesia. The meat will be distributed raw (not cooked) as sadaqa/charity to muslim charitable organizations like orphanage houses and madrasah/pesantren or directly to poor muslim villages. No meat will be flown to Singapore.


As per shariah guideline, male or female livestock is allowed to be slaughtered for aqiqah/korban/nazar. Male livestock is more expensive due to higher demand in Indonesia.


VOLUME DISCOUNT - Discount is provided as per below quantity

Quantity 5+
Price $220.00

For all Raw Meat Aqiqah, the meat will be distributed raw (not cooked) after butchering into smaller pieces. This is similar to the occassion of Korban/Qurban during Hari Raya Eidul Adha. Please refer to Product Specifications for more details.

For Aqiqah/Nazar in Indonesia only, we are offering an optional video taking service  to document the aqiqah/nazar processes. You may opt for this service during checkout. This individual video taking service is available year round except during Korban days (Eidul Adha and 3 days after/tasyrik days).

Note:* Picture shown is for illustration purpose only. It does not represent the actual color or size of the animal. Deliverables for all aqiqah in Indonesia are the same. Difference in aqiqah package price (Standard/Super/Premium) is due to animal weight/size. 

Meat is flown to Singapore No
Weight of live animal 24kg - 27kg
Nett weight of meat (exclude bones, internal organs etc) 8kg+ (in average)