Aqiqah Premium (Raw Meat - Indonesia)

Picture of Aqiqah Premium (Raw Meat - Indonesia)
Aqiqah Premium Raw-Meat (Indonesia) is performed in Indonesia. The meat will be distributed raw (not cooked) as sadaqa/charity to muslim charitable organizations like orphanage houses and madrasah/pesantren or directly to poor muslim villages. No meat will be flown to Singapore.


As per Shariah, male or female livestock is allowed to be slaughtered for aqiqah/korban. Male livestock is more expensive due to higher demand in Indonesia.


VOLUME DISCOUNT - Discount is provided as per below quantity

Quantity 4+
Price $220.00

Please refer to Product Specifications for more details.

For aqiqah/nazar/sadaqa in Indonesia only, we are offering an optional video documentation service. You may opt for this service during checkout. 

Each participant would receive a dropbox link that contains the following files:

1. Aqiqah photos, approximately 30+ photos from livestock selection until distribution

2. Aqiqah e-certificate (unless opted out)

3. Distribution photos of wakaf 1 book of  Al Quran for each livestock under the participant name to be given to madrasah, pesantren or any quranic learning centers in Indonesia

Note:* Picture shown is for illustration purposes only. It does not represent the actual color or size of the animal. The difference in aqiqah package price (Standard/Super/Premium) is due to animal weight/size. 

Meat is flown to Singapore No
Weight of live animal 23 - 24kgs
Nett weight of meat (exclude bones, internal organs etc) 8kg+ (in average)