Aqiqah Photos for December 2013

Although we have been actively involved in Korban and Aqiqah in Singapore since 1998, it is our first time to introduce Year Round Aqiqah Service for Muslim Community in Singapore. Since Aqiqah is performed on the birth of a baby, it does not have to be done on the month of Korban (Hari Raya Haji and Tasyrik Days) like Korban Ritual. Thus, every parent has the opportunity to perform aqiqah for their chil/children anytime.

We are offering this service in view that in future Singapore may have lesser number of live animal imported to perform Korban Rites or Aqiqah in Singapore itself. Many of the Korban Rites and Aqiqah will be done overseas.

We started the Year Round Aqiqah Service on early of December and we found that the respond from the Muslim Community is quite good. Below is some of the aqiqah photos that we did on December 2013.

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