Countdown to Korban 2024 / 1445H

Aqiqah Cow/Lembu Package (Indonesia)

Picture of Aqiqah Cow/Lembu Package (Indonesia)
Aqiqah Cow/Lembu Package is performed in Indonesia. The meat will distributed as sadaqa/charity to the poor and needy. No meat will be flown to Singapore.


As per Shariah, male or female livestock is allowed to be slaughtered for aqiqah/korban. Male livestock is more expensive due to higher demand in Indonesia.


For all aqiqah in Indonesia, we will distribute it to the poor/needy, orphanage houses or other Muslim charitable organizations. 

Cooking is optional at an additional charge. For aqiqah, it would be preferred to have the meat cooked before distribution. Nevertheless, the rites would still be valid if the meat were distributed raw. 

Cow/Lembu can be divided and intended for 7 individuals / 7 names.


Each participant would receive a dropbox link that contains the following files:

1. Aqiqah photos, approximately 30+ photos from livestock selection until distribution

2. Aqiqah e-certificate (unless opted out)

3. Distribution photos of wakaf 1 book of  Al Quran for each livestock under the participant name to be given to madrasah, pesantren or any quranic learning center in Indonesia


Note:* Picture shown is for illustration purposes only. It does not represent the actual color or size of the animal. 

Meat is flown to Singapore No
Animal Gender Female
Nett weight of meat (exclude bones, internal organs etc) 90kg - 100kg (in average)
Weight of live animal 225kg - 250kg